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Who we are

Balu has become a name symbolising quality & excellence in the field of crankshaft manufacturing since its inception in 1990.

Balu’s in-house capability & state of the art automotive engineering enables us to manufacture any type of crankshaft in a large range of applications namely Automotive, Agricultural, Marine & Industrial. We have developed a very extensive range of forged crankshafts for leading Original Equipment Manufacturers within India and the rest of the world & a strong aftermarket presence in over 80 countries. The ISO/TS16949:2009 accreditation of our units in 2012 by TUV Nord Cert Gmbh added to our competitive edge making Balu one of the very few companies to have this accreditation in the field of manufacturing crankshafts.

Balu is now an avant-garde manufacturer of fully finished and semi-finished forged crankshafts and Forged Components. Our incremental innovation & continuous strive to improve has awarded us by making us the only company to have the capability to manufacture components conforming to the New Emission Regulations & the New Energy Vehicles

The manufacturing of the crankshafts is done with the latest equipments, instruments, technologies and highly skilled workforce which provide exceptional control over the entire process of manufacturing the crankshafts & strict adherence to Six Sigma & 8D disciplines. Balu is the supplier of choice of major OEM's not only in India but around the world due to our technological advantage and the highest standards of quality in the industry. All the crankshafts are manufactured to exact O.E specifications and on CNC lines, to ensure precision at every stage.

Balu has continually strived to broaden our manufacturing base and with the acquisition of the state of the art machining lines from Poland in the year 2006 and as recently as 2011 from France, our capability has expanded to produce crankshafts up to 2.5 meters in length and installed capacity has increased to 30,000 fully finished crankshafts per month.

Building The Future, Restoring The Past

One of the World's leading Industry Corporation!

Mission & Vision

We aim to always UNDERPROMISE & OVERDELIVER in all our ventures.

Balu will continuously strive to be a preferred supplier of crankshafts to OEM's in India and around the world. Balu aims to enhance and grow its reputation as one of the world's most respected manufacturing companies by exceeding customer expectations, providing an engaging and supportive work environment, and delivering financial success.

While pursuing the above, we will ensure that we establish a robust management system so as to enhance customer's experience in dealing with us, satisfaction of all stakeholders and due consideration to the environment


How We Started Balu

Balu had a humble beginning in the year 1990, in Belgaum, India. The initial set up was for manufacturing of crankshafts for single cylinder & two cylinder with a limited workforce. Within the last decade the company is supplying to OEM companies and the aftermarket presence has since expanded to over 80 countries. In 1990, Balu India was the first company in India to mass-produce Crankshafts suitable for Tractor, Trucks and Passenger car applications. Two decades later Balu has gained an excellent reputation in the world market. The modern era of Balu upholds the reputation of durability by manufacturing Crankshafts only out of Forgings.


The foundation of ‘Balu’ was laid by Mr. Prehlad Singh Chandock

First component manufactured in our factory



First component exported to an overseas market

Purchase & Installation of the Ursus Manufacturing Plant from Ursus, Poland



Purchase & Installation of the Thyssenkrupp Plant from L’horme, France

The company successfully achieved the milestone of building a presence in over 80 countries worldwide



Got accredited with ISO/TS16949:2009 accreditation from world renowned company TUV NORD

Achieved manufacturing of 1000 crankshafts in a single day



Became a supplier of Choice to over 25 OEs spread over 5 Continents

Initiated operations at the newly acquired Forging Factory & Laid the foundation to establish a new 25 Acre factory in Belgaum, Karnataka.This was also year we laid the foundation for Naya Enery, a wholly owned subsidiary with a focus on New Energy Solutions



Got Accredited with the 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 Certifications. We Became an Approved Vendor to the Ordnance Factory Board (41 factories) & established a specialized manufacturing unit for the Defence Industry

Balu completed the transition & listing on the Stock Exchange. The Constitution of the company was change to a Public Limited Company. As part of the new expansion plan, We laid the foundation for the new Tractor project in the region of Africa

Core Competency

Unifying Capability of the Organization

The Core Competencies which distinguish Balu from its competitors & the pillars which have ensured the building of a strong brand worldwide are as below:

  • Complete CNC manufacturing capability
  • 30 years of experience in Precision Engineering
  • Diversified Product Portfolio & Applications
  • Company of choice for OEMs
  • State of the Art Manufacturing set up
  • In-house tool room
  • In-house Metallurgical lab
  • Dedicated R&D Facility
  • Strong Emphasis on New Energy Vehicle & Components
  • All machining & forging operations in-house
  • Well established brand worldwide
  • Fully Integrated Plant providing full supply capability to its Geographically dispersed customers from concept to Product design, engineering, manufacturing, testing & validations.
  • Highly skilled workforce with the technologically advanced plant.
  • In-house capability to manufacture a product from 2 Kgs to 500 Kgs & upto 3 Meters long.
  • Supply base comprising over 25 OEMs both in India & overseas.
  • Aftermarket customer & distributor base in over 80 countries.
Management Team

Meet our Leader’s

Balu’s board of directors plays a critical role in the governing of the business. Its diversity lends important perspective and depth to the group’s direction. We are therefore committed to building a board that is diverse in terms of role and experience.

member img

A Mumbai based & 2nd generation entrepreneur with decades of experience & investments in a vast sphere of industries. The Foundation for ‘Balu’ was laid by Mr. Jaspal Singh Chandock under the guidance of late Mr. Prehlad Singh Chandock & the company has risen to new heights with a consistent year on year growth. The manufacturing of engine components has always been core to the vision for Mr. Jaspal Singh & a presence in over 80 countries has led to the establishment of a global brand strong in its values & integrity under his leadership.

Mr. Jaspal Singh Chandock

Managing Director

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A young & dynamic leader with a MSc & a BSc in Management Studies from H.R College, Mumbai. A 3rd generation entrepreneur who joined the company in 2009. A visionary with a keen interest in innovation in the field of manufacturing. The company has had incremental innovation in the core of its practices since the joining of Mr. Trimaan Chandock. The introduction of the same led to greater productivity, flexibility & speed in the manufacturing plants. The shift to the OEM business had been undertaken after the achievement of the TS16946 status under the leadership of Mr. Trimaan Chandock. The Strategic Decision for the Transition of Balu to a Publicly Listed Enterprise has been his brainchild & he has established the structure to build Balu into a truly global enterprise.

Mr. Trimaan Singh Chandock

Executive Director

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The youngest & newest recruit who joined the business in 2014 after completion of BSc in Business Management from Cass Business School, London & MSc in Strategic Marketing from Imperial College, London. He has had Previous experience in MNCs such as Reeves & Njoy E-cigs & a notable achievement at the college level was that he was crowned the winner of an Entrepreneurship challenge amongst 50,000 participants. As entrepreneurship runs in the family, the recent addition has led to application of new technology in the company & further diversification to a range of Precision Components. The recent setup of the R&D facility & coining of Naya Energy under his vision has set a base & laid the path of Balu for the future.

Mr. Jaikaran Singh Chandock

Marketing Director


Unifying Capability of the Organization


We value each other, our customers, our business partners, and our environment.


We are genuine and open in our communication and business practices.

Commitment to Quality

We deliver products that exceed our customer's expectations.


We listen, encourage and support different approaches as we continually strive to improve


We invest in personal and professional development


We work together towards a shared goal


Balu has been a ISO/TS 16949:2009 accredited company for almost a decade for offering Precision Engineering Solutions of the Highest Standards to our customers.

Balu has been accredited with ISO 9001 certifications for more than a decade for continuous manufacturing excellence.

Balu has been accredited with the ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) certification in the year 2020 owing to continuous effort & commitment to an Environmental Conscious Culture at the company. Balu has targeted to be a Carbon Neutral company by the year 2030 & the steps towards that goal have been initiated from 2020. A large emphasis has been put on Wind & Solar Energy amongst other renewable sources. A Blueprint has also been laid out for our very own Solar Farm to fulfill the needs of our Manufacturing Plants.

We take our management systems for occupational health and safety (OH&S) very seriously at our company. The members of our team are truly asre biggest assets & to inculcate a culture for their Health & Safety is our biggest priority. We were accredited with the said certification in 2020 which is a proof of our strong emphasis on the wellbeing every member of the Balu Family proving a very safe & healthy working culture & environment


Balu has been rewarded for its excellence in automotive engineering by the Automotive Component Manufacturing Association (ACMA) which is a GOVT of India Company.

Balu has been rewarded for its excellence in automotive engineering by the Automotive Component Manufacturing Association (ACMA) which is a GOVT of India Company.

Balu has been rewarded for its excellence in automotive engineering by the Automotive Component Manufacturing Association (ACMA) which is a GOVT of India Company.

Balu has been rewarded for its excellence in automotive engineering by the Automotive Component Manufacturing Association (ACMA) which is a GOVT of India Company.


We guarantee that all the goods that have been manufactured by us are free from defects in material and workmanship. We further guarantee that all the parts that are defective in material and workmanship are repairable and/or interchangeable. Any replaced parts will be our property. The obligation under this warranty does not include the refunding of these losses - Loss of profit, assembly expenses, customs charges, inland freight, all local charges etc.. We shall not be responsible for the wear out and / or the defects that arise in the transit and/or in the case that any alteration is carried out on the goods shipped by us, we will not be responsible for the defects whether it is due to the alteration or not. We shall also not be liable for the treatment of the shipped goods that are not in accordance with our regulations regarding its use.

We further warranty that all our goods are interchangeable with the corresponding parts offered by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. All claims have to be submitted to us in writing within 12 months from the shipment of the goods and material may not be returned to us without our prior consent. In any case, they have to be returned to us free of charge and freight charges will only be returned if the claim is found justified after inspection of the goods by our quality control department.